Dear visitors of my online store, Ladies and Gentlemen!

      What distinguishes a poster, placard, wallpaper, pin up, ad, sign, banner, chart, handbill, image, promotional flyer, marquee, tarpaulin, broadsheet, broadside, board as a work of art from an ordinary painting? In my understanding, by only one thing – the presence of explanatory inscription or an advertising slogan, where the advertising slogan is like a font continuation of the theme of the picture. This principle was laid down at the beginning of the last century by the Art Nouveau and Art Déco styles. I am a great admirer of these styles, and therefore I have always sought to simplify my painting to the simplicity of the Art Déco color spots and the exquisite natural curvature of the Art Nouveau lines. I hope that you will see and appreciate this in my works. I want to admit right away that many posters are compiled from works of classical art, but with my slogans. I'm just wondering: why not, we live in the postmodern era, when the new is a compilation of the forgotten old? In addition, the current explanatory inscription gives a completely different sound and meaning to any classic work of art. But my works without any compilations and collages you will see in the categories "Paintings” and "Portraits for Your Order". By the way, about the last section. This is a portfolio of my portraits based on simple amateur photos in the Art Deco style. You send it to my e-mail panammos@gmail.com your photo, and in 3 days the portrait will be in your mail. For just 100 US$. An authentic handmade work of art in the only copy in the world! Without any computer technologies, except for the good old Photoshop.

      You can read more detailed annotations at the beginning of each section. Enjoy watching, Pavel Ammos.