About Me

About Me

Dear visitors of my online store, Ladies and Gentlemen!

      I am glad to see you on my website. But first let me introduce myself. My name is Pavel Ammos, and I live in Georgia (Sakartvelo). By education and profession I am a graphic artist, but in recent years I have been working as a computer poster artist.

      What distinguishes a poster as a work of art from an ordinary painting? In my understanding only one thing – the presence of explanatory inscription or an advertising slogan, where the advertising slogan is like a font continuation of the theme of the picture. This principle was laid down at the beginning of the last century by the styles Art Nouveau and Art Déco. I am a great admirer of these styles, and therefore I have always sought to simplify my painting to the simplicity of the Art Déco color spots and the exquisite natural curvature of the Art Nouveau lines. I hope that you will see and appreciate this in my works. I want to admit right away that many posters are compiled from works of classical art, but with my slogans and ideas. I just wonder: why not, we live in the postmodern era, when the new is a collage of the forgotten old? But you will see my works without any compilations in the categories "Paintings” and "Portraits for Your Order". By the way, about the last category. This is a portfolio of my portraits in the Art Déco style based on simple amateur photos.

      It remains to say a few words about myself.

      Born in Moscow. Graduated from the Moscow State Art University named after Stroganov. Since 1991 I was collaborated with the Spanish publishing houses "Grupo Anaya" and "Rubinos-1860". As a graphic designer, I have more than 200 published books and magazines, more than 40 corporate styles and trademarks. Author of more than 100 articles on the history of art and fashion. Doctor of Art History. A citizen of Georgia. Married to a Georgian woman.

      I wish you a pleasant viewing and welcome purchases. Always yours, Pavel Ammos.