The Suprematisms of Old Tbilisi

For the beginning, what is "suprematism"?

Suprematism (from the Latin supremus "the highest") is a trend in avant-garde art founded in 1915 by the Polish-Russian artist Kazimir Malevich (1879-1935), known worldwide for his famous suprematism "Black Square". In this "Black Square" the whole essence of suprematism - simply abstract color spot both as an element of accident and as an element of decor, and in the poster - as a color support for the slogan. An independent set of suprematisms in easel painting defines the direction of geometric abstractionism. But, oddly enough, this seemingly purely avant-garde abstract style, which has nothing to do with reality, but superimposed on the decadent, refined and mannered Art Nouveau style, gave rise to a new style by the 20s of the last century - Art Deco. (Although, of course, the rapid world industrialization after the 1st World War played a role here, and the same rapid development of advertising as the art of graphic design in the USA and later in Europe.) The Art Deco style still defines the graphics of a modern poster. For me, as an artist, the Art Deco style in the poster of the XXI century is a postmodern collage of all the works of world art as floating in the "ether" of Plato's "ideas", on which superimposed suprematiс color spots as an elements of color accents. This applies not only to paintings and graphics, but also to photographs, especially old ones, of the late XIX - early XX century, which is reflected in the selection of photographs of old Tiflis (Tbilisi) presented below against the background of the style of Art Nouveau as a dominant style of those times.

The author of the photographs is Dmitry Ermakov (1845-1916), orientalist, ethnographer and photographer of the East, who had the honorary title of "Photographer of His Majesty the Shah of Persia", who photographed Tiflis from the 1860s until his death. (And, in my opinion, who was undeservedly forgotten in today's Georgia.) These poetic old photos inspired me, and I created a series of posters, including authentic passepartout, based on these photos. You are the judge, dear visitors of the site, and if you like them, I will be happy to continue this series. (By the way, from these posters, in my opinion, it would be possible to make chic wall calendars – sponsors, get involved!)

      The price of each poster is only US$50.

      Enjoy watching!