Love Lyrics

      When I conceived this whole monastic "marginal" medieval cycle, I had before my eyes Umberto Eco's novel "The Name of the Rose" with the film of the same name, where the brilliant Scot Sean Connery played the main role. Scotland forever! This is just the black cynical humor of medieval monks of the 18+ age category, which, in my opinion, can be very fun to use as congratulations on various occasions. From just wishes to have a good time to congratulations to the spouses on their wedding anniversary or to St. Valentines Day. It seems to me that people with a sense of humor will appreciate these congratulatory posters, but no – and no! And don't be horrified by my cynicism. It's not my cynicism – it's all medieval monks having fun. They were funny guys! The price for black humor, as usual, is US$ 50.