Mother Goddess

      Living in my "first" life in Russia, in Moscow, I never thought about some kind of mythical Mother Goddess. I overheard about her, but nothing more. But here, in Georgia, specifically in Colchis (Megrelia), I really came across the fact that before Christian times, the Mother Goddess, Nana, was the main goddess in these parts (she was also among neighboring Armenians). This name is still very popular here. And I see echoes of these ancient beliefs everywhere: from local cooking to traditions. For example, only here, in Colchis, mother is called... father. Dad/Dada. Here, in Colchis, the owner of the house is ... the mother of the family, and husbands must necessarily be able to cook. At the same time, the Kolkhi – the sea people – do not have national fish dishes, do not eat seafood, mutton, are indifferent to dairy products, except for matzoni and their cheese, are panical terrified of snakes. Why? Of course, these are all culturological aspects, but, damn it, how exotic and interesting it all is! Especially when you have a wife from Colchis. In this regard, every year I learn a lot of new things, and through my posters I want to tell about it to everyone who will be interested. The price of the "culturological" poster (and believe me, this is just the beginning of the series) is 50 US$. (I will be glad to enter into correspondence with everyone who is interested in the cult of the Mother Goddess in the area of Eastern Turkey - Western Georgia, as well as to share my archaeological finds.)