SakARTvelo (Georgia)

      Let's talk about pleasant things. (Or shall we see?) For example, about Georgia – the country that made me its citizen. How can I thank her? Only by one thing – by my creativity, my art, praising the beauty and traditions of this mountainous country. But why Sakartvelo?

      Because this is the self-name of the country, unlike the international name "Georgia". Sakartvelo is the country of kartvels. The country of Kartli, Iberia. And here, unwittingly, any person who knows English sees the semantic unit "Art" in the center of the word. And indeed, how much art as something beautiful can be found in this country: from inaccessible mountains, valleys, gorges and mountain rivers, ancient castles and monasteries to stunning sea sunrises, sunsets and magnesium beaches. And, of course, wine according to ancient recipes and national cuisine. Now a little navigation through the section is important.

      I have divided this section of "tourist" posters into 7 headings, each of which I consider it necessary to comment.

      Heading No. 1. The Whole World in Georgia. It is based on European posters from the 10-30s of the last century, which, to my great surprise, seem to have been deliberately copied from Georgian nature. For example, poster No. 18. These towers are copies of the towers of Svaneti, and the viaduct in the background is a copy of the mountain bridge of the railway of the XIX century on the Rikot (Suram) pass. As for the rights to use the posters, firstly, they are all taken from the Pinterest service, secondly, all these posters are more than 70 years old, and thirdly, all copyright signatures on them are preserved. According to American laws, I have every right to use them.

      Heading No. 2. All Colors in Sakartvelo. The basis is taken exclusively from my own photos or, as on posters No. 38-45, photos from publicly available sources of the Russian Yandex search engine.

      Heading No. 3. Colchis (Argi). A historical series about ancient Colchis, which I intend to continue.

      Heading No. 4. sakARTvelo Heading No. 5. Wonderland SakARTvelo by Maxfield Parrish (1870-1966). The reflection of Georgian culture and nature through the paintings of world classics of painting, in particular, my beloved American artist Maxfield Parrish, who again seemed to copy his paintings from Georgian nature.

      Heading No. 6. Welcome. A humorous series of posters dedicated to local traditions.

      Heading No. 7. It’s Wine O’clock & Georgian Cuisine. Also, a humorous series of posters of the 18+ age category dedicated to Georgian cuisine and wine drinking.

      And I bring all this natural and cultural diversity of the country to the viewer through posters, which, I dare to hope, will decorate the wall of any dwelling. From a modest apartment somewhere in the Bronx to a villa on the Cote d'Azur. In total – for 50 US$! With the author's signature.