It is in this section that you will find a visual answer to the question that I posed on the first main page of the site: what distinguishes a poster as a work of art from an ordinary painting?

The answer was simple: the presence of an explanatory inscription or an advertising slogan, where the explanatory inscription or slogan is like a font continuation of the theme of the picture. Moreover, the typeface begins to play the same role here as the image itself. They should harmoniously and symmetrically support each other. This principle is very important in the author's art poster. But it's not for me to judge my poster paintings. Or art posters. It's up to you to judge. I sincerely hope that this harmony of font and picture is present in my works, that you will see and appreciate it. All the images are absolutely authentic, from my author's photos or even from my sketches in the open air. The price is still the same – 50 US$.

      But there is a bonus – if desired, you can order any work from the ones presented below ... without inscriptions. Just like an ordinary easel painting on the wall, which you can always and everywhere print on canvas. The price will not change from this. And believe me, this is not computer graphics, this is painting, which is supported by an explanatory inscription. Enjoy your viewing and, hopefully, a successful purchase!