On the website – this is the only section of "live" creativity, in fact – creativity online. Do you want to order a portrait? OK, there's nothing easier. You send to my e-mail panammos@gmail.com any photo that you like and with your wishes, including a signature (or slogan), give me 3 days and that's it. The portrait is ready! In the only copy in the world, with the author's signature, a portrait made without any computer technology, just with the help of good old Photoshop and my talent (see the portfolio below). But with two conditions: 1) alterations are not accepted (or for an additional fee); 2) I will not take on kitschy pompous posters a la aristocrats of the XVIII century, where everything and everybody is in gold. It's bad taste. Respect the professional taste of the artist! The price is 100 US$. Only! For a portrait whose eternal life is guaranteed. This is the best gift that will save you a lot of time searching for other gifts. The style of the portrait is any, up to the caricature, according to your wish (except for the above-mentioned kitsch)! I will always be glad to help you!