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      The posters in this section are exclusively political, as they say, for the spite of the day. This is my vision of the modern world, my author's view on politics or, more correctly, on the current political realities of today. In fact, these posters are almost forgotten political cartoons in periodicals, so popular in the XIX and XX centuries. In the pre-computer era. And this is also an author's poster. And, most importantly, the posters in this section are a concise visual chronicle of the political events of each year. Price: 40 US$. If you subscribe to the posters in this section, the subscription price is 360 US$ per year. And it won't be 12 posters for   30 US$. There can be 30, 50, and 100 of them. It all depends on the current political moment and, of course, on my creative abilities. And they are limitless! I'm kidding. Archive my chronicle posters for posterity, as it was customary to do in the last two pre-computer centuries of classical printing! 

      P.S.: I don't blogs on social networks, I'm simply not there. Therefore, these posters as a chronicle of the political life of the planet can be bought and subscribed to only on this site. All posters of this site are exclusive. P.A.

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